Does Quality matter?


Better quality can give you better exam results! Yes it can, it’s a fact!!

Think of your favourite piece of music. Imagine it being played on a small radio in the kitchen – tinny and echoy.
Then imagine again, the experience of hearing it being played on a very expensive Hi-fi system – It’s as if you were there!

A question – Which experience did you enjoy the most? The obvious answer has to be the Hi-fi system, but that then creates another question - ‘Why?’

Of course the instant answer is ‘because the Hi-fi system is better quality’.

But think about this for a second, ‘Better Quality’ is actually only an observation of the difference; it’s not the answer as to why your emotional response is better to the Hi-fi system.pmc_ob1Somehow, in a subliminal way, the Hi-fi system is communicating to you on a greater level, simply allowing a better emotional response to take place to the music – making the music more enjoyable and effective, involving and memorable.

We can take this ‘Quality’ revelation a step further, as it’s not just about reproduction.

Imagine again that you have two recordings of the same interview; one recorded using a cheap microphone into a mobile phone, the other was done via a professional ‘quality’ microphone and top quality recorder.

Taking the thread further, which would you find more interesting to listen to? Remember, these are the same words from the same person recorded at the same time; the only difference in the speech is the quality of recording.

So quality can make someone more interesting????????

It’s not just a matter of sound, as these observations can also be applied to the visual side as well. Why is a film more enjoyable on a large high definition screen, than a small standard TV? It’s the same film after all - you’re not enjoying quality, but you are more involved in the film and it’s story line!

Let’s use the hypothetical parallel example of a students video project work. They’ve spent a large amount of time on it over the year and as they’re quite talented the artistic work has been done very well. The only difference was the fact that the origin footage was shot on a good quality semi-professional camera rather than a basic camcorder – which will get the better marks? Will the examiner be more draw into a project simply with better quality recorded material without realising?
Whether conscious or not, they will have enjoyed, been involved and interested more in the version shot on the quality camera. Subconsciously they will be more drawn into the artistic content and maybe even judge it to be better than if it had been recorded with the lower quality camera. It maybe exactly the same standard of work on behalf of the student, but the original ‘Quality’ version would probably score a higher mark than the other.

Having raised the issue of quality as paramount, it is a mistake to assume that ‘Quality’ is simply an issue involving the standard of equipment. It is also knowing how to get the best from the equipment. You may have a professional microphone, but if you don’t put it in the correct place, it won’t record a good sound. A professional camera is no help if the material is out of focus or over exposed.

Last point; imagine sending a novice out with a professional quality HD camera and a professional cameraman with a standard DV camcorder to record the same event.

Who do you think will come back with the best quality pictures? Mmmmmmmm!

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