Content is king!

Click the U-tube movie ‘Play’ button, it only lasts 20 seconds!

Fast Tube by Casper
 There is no doubt, even with a tiny screen with poor definition and pathetic sound, the well produced content of this clip did its job - hopefully it made you smile a little!

The plot of the piece had been well thought out and story boarded, the setting well chosen and artistically composed, the scripted words minimal yet effective, the acting good and well directed, the editing expertly done creating a piece with brilliant artistic timing!    It’s an advert that fulfills its purpose - to inform, communicate, entertainment and most importantly be memorable – hang on!!!, isn’t that exactly what you want your students project work to be?

‘Content is King’ means that without original, artistic and desirable creative content, be that text, story line, acting, graphics, or video - any media project is going to fall short of appeal, interest and pure entertainment, regardless of factors like technical quality - no matter how good that quality might be.

The artistic input to any multimedia is paramount. Planning layouts and composition (2D or 3D) is a creative art. Getting the words correct and making them interesting takes a journalistic skill so the story flows, whether that be the written or spoken word. Turning those words into a visual script and story boarding, making those words come visually alive, is a stretch of the artistic imagination.

So if “Content is King”, is “Kingship” difficult is achieve? The likes of U-tube and other ‘User-Generated’ content seems to imply that “Anyone can do it”. But you only have to look at the most successful clips to see that the quality of content of those clips is high, whether that be gained by a professional approach or by accident - i.e. they just happened to be in the right place at the right time!

In the end artist talent will shine through poor technical quality, it‘s something that can be seen, like noticing the developing talent of a young student through a rebellious teenager!

So can we state “Technical quality isn’t important, it doesn’t affect the content or restrict its expression?”.  What do you think?

There is absolutely no doubt that content can over come poor quality, where as high quality cannot necessarily overcome bad content.

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